Customer Reviews

Enquired about a special watch for my wifes 40th, the level and depth of expertise in the response was outstanding. The staff were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Due the pandemic I could not stretch to what I had hoped for so did not ultimately purchase.

5 stars

Daniel – June 2021

Sorted my old watch out and it looks amazing. Very friendly staff and they’re getting a vegan watch strap selection soon 🙂

5 stars

Andrew – October 2020

Recently bought a watch from Carter Marsh and was looked after the whole way through very diligently. I know exactly where I’m going for my next purchase!

5 stars

Saam – Apr 2021

We bought a beautiful watch at an excellent price. Everyone at the shop is knowledgeable and professional; a pleasure to go there even when we don’t buy anything.

5 stars

M.W. – November 2020

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